JioBharat V1 4G Phone


Key Features of JioBharat Series:

  • 4G Connectivity
  • Crystal Clear Voice Calls
  • Wide Network Coverage
  • Entertainment Hub with JioCinema
  • Music on the Go with JioSaavn
  • Convenient UPI Payments
  • Capture Memories with Phone Camera
  • Multilingual Support (23 languages)
  • Preinstalled Jio Apps
  • Call Recording Feature
  • Inbox Charger Included
  • Specifications: 1.77-inch screen
  • external SD card support up to 128 GB
  • 1000 mAh battery, digital rear camera

1,499.00 1,999.00

JioBharat V1

Discover JioBharat Series

Besides incredible features, check colour and make options in JioBharat Series.

With its incredible features and a range of captivating color and make options, this affordable and durable phone is designed to enhance your digital experience like never before.

Experience the power of 4G with JioBharat and unlock a new level of connectivity. Enjoy crystal-clear voice calls with high-definition clarity that will make every conversation feel more personal. With Jio’s extensive network coverage, which spans across 99% of India’s population, you can stay connected no matter where you go.

But that’s not all. JioBharat is your ultimate source of entertainment. Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience with JioCinema, where you can watch movies, videos, and sports highlights in the language of your choice. Dive into a world of music with JioSaavn, offering over 8 crore songs in multiple languages, ensuring there’s something for everyone.

JioBharat also simplifies your financial transactions with its UPI payment feature. Seamlessly receive and make payments with ease, saving you time and effort. Capture precious moments with the phone’s camera and transform them into lasting memories that you can cherish forever.

With support for 23 languages, JioBharat ensures that language is never a barrier to your digital journey. Whether you want to communicate, explore, or simply stay entertained, this phone has you covered.

When you choose JioBharat, you not only get a powerful device but also a range of preinstalled Jio apps that enhance your experience further. From JioCinema and JioSaavn to JioPay, these apps offer convenience and endless possibilities at your fingertips.

Don’t miss out on the call recording feature, which allows you to capture important conversations effortlessly. Plus, with the inbox charger included, you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery.

Please note that JioBharat phones are designed to leverage Jio’s network capabilities and internet-enabled services. As such, they are optimized for Jio SIM cards and may not support non-Jio SIM cards.

Embrace the future of connectivity with JioBharat. Upgrade your digital experience today and unlock a world of endless possibilities. Get yours now and embark on a journey like never before.

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