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OxygenOS 13.1 Zen Mode Now Called Zen Space and Gets Two New Modes

OnePlus has always been known for its innovative features, and the OxygenOS 13.1 update is no exception. The latest version of OxygenOS brings a redesigned Zen Mode that OnePlus users are sure to love. First introduced with the OnePlus 7 series, Zen Mode helps users disconnect from their phones and focus on other activities. With OxygenOS 13.1, the feature has been renamed Zen Space and comes with two new modes.

According to a recent post shared by a OnePlus user on the community forum, Zen Mode has got a new app icon and a changed name. The feature is now known as Zen Space. Additionally, users will now be able to customize their Zen Space theme with two new modes called Deep Zen and Light Zen.

Zen Space

Deep Zen behaves in the same way as the old Zen Mode, while Light Zen enables users to step out of Zen Space at any point in time. Light Zen also comes with two presets: Work and Study Mode. In Work-Life Balance mode, Zen Space automatically populates the list of apps, including the first 12 used apps, which users can edit manually or create their own Light Zen space and apps accordingly.

Zen Space’s new themes include Immersion, Frontier, and Collision for Deep Zen and Universe, Order, Infinity, Synthesis, and Time Travel for Light Zen.

OxygenOs 13.1

Apart from these new features, OxygenOS 13.1 allows users to choose which apps should remain accessible when using Zen Space. All other apps on the device become unavailable except for Camera and Phone for emergency calls.

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In conclusion, OxygenOS 13.1’s Zen Space feature offers an excellent way for OnePlus users to disconnect from their phones and focus on other aspects of their lives. With the addition of new modes and themes, users can now customize their Zen Space experience according to their preferences.

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